Latin Percussion LPCAJ-PAD Cajon Pad

Latin Percussion LPCAJ-PAD Cajon Pad

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The Latin Percussion Cajon Pad provides you comfort and strain relief for those extended drumming sessions. Designed to fit any standard wooden cajon, the 10" x 10" LP Cajon Pad features a nonslip surface that stays put, even as you rock and tilt your instrument beneath you. It's also made from an incredibly dense, low-profile rubber foam, which won't elevate your playing position enough to affect your performance, all the while providing you with exceptional comfort and stability.

Latin Percussion Cajon Pad Features:

  • The perfect way to make any cajon much more comfortable
  • 10" x 10" footprint fits the top of virtually any standard-size cajon
  • Low-profile foam rubber won't throw off your playing technique
  • Nonslip surface stays firmly in place as you play

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