Paiste 12" PSTX DJs 45 Crash Cymbal

Paiste 12" PSTX DJs 45 Crash Cymbal

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12" FX Crash from Paiste and Daru Jones

Don't let the small size of Daru Jones's 12" PST X DJs 45 Crash fool you: multiple holes along the bow give this crash a deliciously dark and trashy tone and an explosive character — one that's perfect for busting old-school breakbeats and performing with electronics. Because the cymbal is so low mass, it's controlled enough for small gigs and chokes on a dime. Like the rest of the series, the Paiste PST X DJs 45 Crash measures just 12" in diameter, which makes it perfect for grab-and-go gigs.

Paiste PST X DJs 45 Crash Features:

  • 12" crash from Daru Jones and Paiste
  • Dark, trashy tone
  • Explosive character
  • Fast choke
  • Multiple holes along the bow dry out overtones
  • Controlled enough for intimate settings
  • Crafted from Paiste's durable and cutting B8 bronze
  • Bears the Daru Jones silhouette logo
  • Made in Switzerland

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